Tour of the Crocker Highlands


Shop Ride #9 - March 11, 2017

Looking forward to this week's ride! We'll skirt around Lake Merritt and pop in at the inimitable Morcom Rose Garden to stop and smell the flowers. We'll sneak out the back, across Piedmont, and back into Oakland to see the view at the Mountain View Cemetery, then head up into the Crocker Highlands to take in the views. We'll cross Dimond canyon, maybe hike down to the bottom to dip our toes in the creek if it's warm enough, then drop down into Dimond proper and head back to Lake Merritt and back around to Luckyduck. Chill pace, no-drop ride this week! Check out the route here below.  Note that the climbing is a bit inflated on ridewithgps - it thinks we'll be hiking down and back out of Dimond canyon, instead of taking the bridge on Leimert St, and riding all the way to the top of the cemetery is totally optional. We'll ride together to the circle, then take our time exploring a bit before heading back out.