ridin' dirty/every day is a winding road

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luckyduck shop ride #20 - may 27, 2017

This week we've planned two routes, one for wide tires and one for people who have a little sense about them.

The dirty route

We will take the shortcut up tunnel (which is totally wrecked after this past winter) and then go down West Ridge (Haven't ridden it yet this year but I imagine it's equally brutal) over to the other section of the MacDonald trail that we skipped last time. I'll be riding my rigid 29er, but a CX bike will be fine as long as you remember the safety rules and don't do stupid stuff.

The clean route 

We will take the long way up tunnel, then roll down Pinehurst to Redwood. We'll meet up at the intersection of Redwood and Skyline and then all roll back to the shop together via Butters, Leimert, Trestle Glen and Lakeshore. 

Should be fun! See you there!